Drywall Taping and Finishing

       As an alternative to a week-long plaster application, an entire house can be drywalled in 3 or 4 days by two experienced drywallers. In large-scale construction, the work of installing and finishing drywall is often split between the drywall hangers, who install the wallboard, and the drywall tapers, who finish the joints and cover the screw heads with  drywall compound. Drywall may become damaged when exposed to water, especially if the drywall remains exposed to the water for an extended period of time, wicking will occur, moisture may be introduce anywhere from several inches to several feet above the floor depending upon the length of time the wall is exposed to water and how long the drywall remains in contact with the water supply. Water that enters a room from overhead may cause ceiling drywall tape to separate from the ceiling as a result of the grooves immediately behind the tape where the drywall pieces meet become saturated. The drywall may also soften around the screws holding the drywall in place and with the aid of gravity, the weight of the water may cause the drywall to sag and eventually collapse, requiring replacement.

    .Artec Painting Solutions is a full walls finishing company based out of Pearland but we offer our services all aroung the Houston City. With our drywall taping experience you will be covered, we offer a complete system of walls finishing, from drywall installation or drywall taping up to a completely painted surface.