Artec Painting Solutions focuses its services in interior residential/commercial painting and drywall taping. Preparing a variety of surfaces (wood, masonry, drywall, plaster, concrete, synthetics, stucco and metal), prior to the application of materials such as paint, high performance coatings, waterproofing, varnish, shellac, wall coverings and specialty finishes, from cleaning surfaces to ensure the proper adhesion of primer and successive coats, to caulking, scraping and sanding where needed, applying decorative and protective finishes.
  Being drywall and painting contractors servicing Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, etc...we offer 100% quality when it comes to caulking and sizing of surfaces in preparation for and the application of paint and related liquid or viscous products by brush, roller or spray methods to all surfaces; from filling small nail holes to big cracks on ceiling and drywall or plaster walls due to water, mold or small fire related issues
. With professionalism, honesty and dedication our services will improve the look of your home, adding up to 15% to its current value.

* Drywall Installation

* Drywall Taping / Patching / Sanding

* Insullation Services

* Interior Painting Services

* Baseboards / Crown molding / Wainscoting Painting

* Stairs Painting( wood,metal)

* Plaster Repairs

* Stucco Ceiling Removal & Resurfacing

* Wallpaper removal & Wall resurfacing

* Epoxy concrete floor painting

* Kitchen cabinets re-painting


Get rid of old walls with texture on it. Easy transition from texture to smooth in just a few days...

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