Stucco or Popcorn Ceiling Removal/Textured walls resurfacing

    Stucco or popcorn ceiling removal sounds easy enough; just get it wet. In reality, it’s a very messy operation, and once it’s all off of a ceiling, then we often discover why it was put there in the first place; cracks, holes, patches, seams and other flaws which may be difficult or impossible to repair show up in the underlying ceiling. If an already popcorn covered ceiling should develop a leak, crack or hole, repairs will be visible unless the stucco is removed around the repair and then reapplied by spray, and even then, it is easy to mismatch color and texture between the old and new areas.

  Sure is messy to remove it, in some occasions the ceilings has been painted so many times that is not even possible to remove the stucco, but whatever the case might be, with our skills and techniques we will always be able to get you the flat, smooth ceiling you want. Not only we offer stucco or popcorn ceiling removal but with aalso take care of those old and oudated texture walls so don't wait and call us now,you won't regret it. Artec Painting is currently working in Pearland, Houston and all surrounding areas.